Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined By Special Guests: Eric Simons, Albert Pai and Tomek Sulkowski

Episode Summary

Do you want to send your code to space? Find out how with Charles Max Wood, Eric Simons, Albert Pai and Tomek Sulkowski coming to you live from the podcast booth at ng-conf 2019. They talk about new happenings at StackBlitz (in astronaut suits!)  and how you can send your apps and websites to space!

Eric and Albert talk about how they met and decided to co-found companies like Thinkster and StackBlitz together. Thinkster has been since acquired by Joe Eames whom they have met at a podcast at Devchat.tv. Listen to the show to hear more about their upcoming projects at StackBlitz as well as their favorite parts of ng-conf and how they spend their time when they aren't busy with StackBlitz.