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Ado Kukic has been a professional developer since the age of 15. He is a developer Evangelist Lead at Auth0 working remotely out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aaron and Ado talk about Ado's introduction to Angular and his work at Auth0. Ado has been working wth Angular for the last 7 years. His day to day work at Auth0 is focused on getting out into the developer community talking to developers about authentication access management and securing their applications securing their Angular applications.

Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest: Ado Kukic

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Aaron Frost:

Ado Kukic:


What are some of the hardest things that can be solved with Angular at Auth0?

When it comes to you know that the latest Angular Angular release. One of the big things that that I've been focusing on for the last two years is figuring out how do we authenticate. How do we make the authentication story within Angular applications as simple as it can be.

How did Ado Kukic get introduced to AngularJS?

This was back in 2013 2014 and we had been running this very old traditional ASP. NET C # stack and we decided we needed to modernize we needed modern features. And I was put in charge of picking a front end framework did to kind of replace that. So I was evaluating knockouts evaluating Ember and then I stumbled upon Angular JS.

What are some of the challenges of with authentication ?

Such a challenging aspect, you know, even if you're building a traditional web application, there's still all sorts of considerations here, you have to take into account all sorts of vulnerabilities to worry about.

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