MAS 107: Zama Khan Mohammed

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Zama Khan Mohammed is a Software Architect, building Enterprise Web Applications with more than 7 years of experience. He currently works at Tekzenit. Aaron and Zama discuss how many developers are actually self-taught and whether it is advisable to attend a Bootcamp. He has recently authored a book "Angular Projects: Build Nine Real-world Applications from Scratch Using Angular 8 and TypeScript" which is available at Amazon. Zama talks about the 9 projects he covers in his book.

Host: Aaron Frost

Joined By Special Guest: Zama Khan Mohammed

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Zama Khan Mohammed:


When learning development how effective is it to attend a bootcamp?

Bootcamps are important in the sense that it provides an engineer a mentor but upon finishing the bootcamp you still have to teach yourself a lot. So self - taught is for the long run.

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