MAS 010: Minko Gechev

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MAS 010: Minko Gechev

On today's episode of My Angular Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Minko Gechev. Minko is a software engineer at Learn Capital and has been contributing to the open source community. He talked about Immutability with Angular in episode 54 of the Adventures in Angular Show. Listen to how he got into programming and what he's currently up to!

Beginning of a Journey

Minko started in programming when he was in high school. He took his first programming class where he had to do programs for Mathematical calculations. After which, he switched to visual basic where he wrote a couple of games. Since then he knew that he was interested in programming. He joined competitions where he had to do web apps to be presented to people. His first product was written in PHP and had JavaScript as well.

Encounter with JavaScript

He got excited about JavaScript when he was still in high school. He bought a book on AJAX by Nicholas Zakas. He took portions from it and used patterns he learned in his implementations. When he moved to the university, his knowledge of programming and JavaScript just got deeper. He was able to understand the whats and hows of both areas because things became more structured and detailed.

His Discovery of Angular

After his experience with his previous company, he moved to another where he was involved with a very interesting project. He had to run a Java outlet in a browser. He did remote desktop sharing and rendered the outlet on the canvass in the user browser. After that, a company in Silicon Valley found his blog and invited him to work for them. They wanted to build a web application for education. He chose Angular when he was asked which technology he wanted to use. Angular captured him because its objectives, principles, and features made him really excited. To hear about MAS 010 Minko Gechev: My Angular Story, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Minko would love to hear from you! Visit him through the links below. Don't forget to let Minko know you heard about him on's Adventures in Angular My Angular StoryMinko's TwitterMinko's GithubIf you're short on time, here are the highlights of MAS 010 Minko Gechev: My Angular Story:Beginning of Minko's programming journey? (1:19) Encounter with JavaScript? (6:04) His excitement about JavaScript? (7:13) His discovery of Angular? (8:15) Open source Angular projects? (10:06) His Angular inspiration? (11:43) His current projects? (14:48) Lessons from his experience? (17:51)


Minko: Text and Programming Languages by MIT Press and EFF programming language Charles: The Eventual Millionaire by Jaime Masters and Deep Work Cal Newport

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