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My JS Story Dennis Ushakov

On today's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood welcomes Dennis Ushakov. Dennis is a team lead of WebStorm and RubyMine at JetBrains. Tune in to My JS Story Dennis Ushakov  to learn more about his programming experience in Java and JavaScript.

Where It All Started

When he was young, he used to play a lot of computer games. He wanted to create his own computer game that's why he told his dad about it. His dad bought him a book on Turbo Pascal. Since then he started to learn about programming and experiment. He decided to go to another school that had more orientation on Math and computers. He is really grateful to his teachers who helped him and allowed him to experiment in the programming lessons. He loved what he was doing and didn't treat his school stuff as merely requirements for the semester.

Getting Into Java and JavaScript

His journey to Java started when his Computer Science practice teacher invited him to take his internship at Intel. He was interviewed and started to work on Apache Harmony, which was the first open source implementation of Java. He worked on the UI team, and his first big project was doing a couple of UI controls. Years later he switched to JetBrains where a lot of his friends were working too. He wanted to try something different and went to the RubyMine team for four years. He was then given the opportunity to lead the WebStorm team which he gladly grabbed.

The Origin of WebStorm

The WebStorm Development began before a particular WebStorm product was announced and released. It originally was a part of Intelli J IDEA. If you're into Java, you have to edit some XML files. It is not that easy to do the HTML to XML support. You simply need to embed JavaScript and hit some CSS if you have both HTML and XML. JetBrains decided to create an ID for web developers. They initially used PHP and WebStorm like a single product. Eventually, they realized that some people didn't necessarily need PHP since they wanted to do JS stuff.  They assumed that maybe these people are pro tenders and are doing back hand on the Node.js. To hear the rest of My JS Story Dennis Ushakov, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Learn more about Dennis Ushakov by connecting with him and see what he’s excited about. You can follow him on Twitter @en_Dal. Don’t forget to let Dennis know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of My JS Story Dennis Ushakov: Where Dennis' journey in programming started? (1:17) How he got into Java? (3:38) When he got into JavaScript? (5:20) How WebStorm started? (6:01) At what point he got involved in WebStorm? (7:52) How he feels working in WebStorm? (9:24) Dennis' success stories? (10:16) What he lately worked on JavaScript? (13:22) Any projects he is working on? (15:40) How he feels in maintaining a product? (17:34) How he keeps up with the JavaScript community? (19:14)


Dennis: Jet Vocals singing Carol of the BellsCharles: Chromebook and TP-Link Powerline Adapters




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