Charles Max Wood

Guest: Tyler Renelle

This week on My JavaScript Story, Charles speaks with Tyler Renelle. Tyler is a contractor and developer who has worked in many web technologies like Angular, Rails, React and much more! Tyler is a return guest, previously on Adventure in Angular and JavaScript Jabber talking Ionic and Machine learning.

Tyler has recently expanded his work beyond JavaScript and is on the show to talk his interest in AI or Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Furthermore, Tyler talks about his early journey as a game developer, web developer, and work with some content management systems, and more recently, his development in various technologies.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Writing games out of college
  • Studies computer science in college
  • Did web development to pay for college working with PHP and ASP
  • Content management
  • Working with various technologies
  • Working with React, is this it?
  • Problems React has solved with web apps
  • What is the next big innovation?
  • View
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Machine Learning
  • Specialized application of AI
  • NLP
  • Never use his computer science degree as a web developer
  • You don’t study code to be a developer
  • AI and machine learn is based on Computer Science
  • Tensor Flow
  • Data Skeptic – podcast
  • Performance
  • Graphics cards
  • Philosophy of Consciousness
  • The subjective experience
  • Job displacement phenomenon
  • and much, much more!