MJS 041: Austin McDaniel



    Charles Max Wood

    Guest: Austin McDaniel

    This week on My JavaScript Story/My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Austin McDaniel. Austin is a return guest and was previously featured on JavaScript Jabber episode 275 . Austin talks about his journey getting into programming as an 11year old, to recently, as a web developer with more complex technologies. Austin talks about building widgets, working in Angular, JavaScript, and more in-depth web development on many different platforms. Lastly, Austin talks about his contributions to NGX Charts and speaking at a variety of developer conferences.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

    • How did you get into programming? 11 years old
    • Cue Basic
    • Web developer
    • College jobs was in web developing
    • IE6
    • Building Widgets
    • Components
    • jquery 
    • Web is the future
    • How did you get into Angular? 2013, v1.2
    • Backbone
    • Angular 1 & 2
    • NG X Charts
    • Speaking at Conferences
    • Augmented Reality and VR
    • Web AR
    • Angular Air Podcast
    • Working as a contractor with Google
    • and much, much more!