Charles Max Wood

Guest: Donovan Brown

This week on My JavaScript Story, Charles speaks with Donovan Brown. Donovan is a principle DevOps Manager at Microsoft. Donovan talks about his journey into programming starting in the 8th grade with Cue Basic to college and writing games in Cue Basic. Donovan talks about different avenues of programming and working independently, and being entrepreneurial, and finally getting a call from Microsoft. Donovan tells many great high energy stories and shares his enthusiasm in his career in DevOps. This is a great episode to hear the possibilities in the programming and developer world.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • How did you get into programming?
  • 8th grade Cue Basic
  • Computer Math  Cue Basic
  • Selling notes  –  Chemistry class
  • Board Game creation
  • Teach yourself C in 21 days
  • Change majors
  • Work at Compaq Computers and go promoted as a software engineer
  • Independent, then into Dev Ops
  • Notion Solutions
  • Ending up in Microsoft doing DevOps
  • Hot Topic  – Dev Opts  – Release
  • BrianKellerVM
  • Demos
  • DevOps and the Process
  • Visual Studio and people
  • Pain Points
  • Programmers – Permission to do your job?
  • JQuery
  • Yeoman Generator 
  • Power Shell Plugin
  • Open source and Contributions to the community
  • DevOps Interviews Podcast
  • and much, much more!