Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Michael Garrigan

This week on My JavaScript Story, Charles speaks with who is one of the podcast’s listeners. He is changing careers midway and has had many exciting careers in the past, such as being a professional chef, carpenter, repairman, and so on. Listen to today’s episode to hear Michael’s unique experience with programming and JavaScript.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

1:18 – Chuck: I started this show but interviewing guests and then opened up to listeners. Michael scheduled an interview and here we go! I find that his experience will be different than mine than others. We will be getting guests on here, but wanted this to be a well-rounded view within the community.

2:25 – Michael’s background! His experience is a mid-career change. To see the things that are intimidating and exciting.

3:16 – How did you get into programming?

3:23 – Michael: How do people talk to machines? What are the different computer languages out there? What do people prefer to use? The C programming language, I saw as the “grandfather” program. That’s the first thing I looked at. Then I was like, “what is going on?” I got a copy of the original K&R book and worked through that.

4:58 – Chuck: I did the C language in college. The Java that I was learning then was less complicated. How did you end up with JavaScript then?

5:26 – Guest: It was easy and you can just open up a console and it works. You want to see things happen visually when you program is great. It’s a great entry point. We started building things in React and how fun that is. I enjoy JavaScript in general.

6:11 – Chuck: What is your career transition?

6:18 – Guest: I have always been a craftsman and building things. I had a portion time I was a professional chef, which is the cold side like sausages and meats and cheeses, etc. I used to do a lot of ice carvings, too. Stopped that and opened a small business and repaired antique furniture for people. Wicker restoration. It was super cool because it was 100+ years old. To see what people did very well was enjoyable. Every few years I wanted to see how something worked, and that’s how I got into it. That was the gateway to something that was scary to something that made programs.

8:24 – Chuck: I was working in IT and wrote a system that managed updates across multiple servers. There is some automation I can do here, and it grew to something else. What made you switch? Were you were looking for something more lucrative?

9:01 – Michael: Main motivation I appreciate the logic behind it. I always build physical items. To build items that are non-physical is kind of different. Using logic to essentially put out a giant instruction sheet is fun.

9:52 – Chuck: At what point do you say I want to do a boot camp?

10:04 – Michael: I might to this as a career. Hobby level and going to work is definitely different. I could see myself getting up every day and going to meetings and talking about these topics and different issues. Coding day to day.

10:51 – Chuck: Who did you talk to who got you started?

10:57 – Guest: Things I read online and friends. They said get the basics behind programming. Languages come and go. Be able to learn quickly and learn the basics.

12:13 – Chuck: In NY city? It’s pricy to live there.

12:33 – Guest: Cost of living is much greater.

12:42 – Chuck: What was it like to go to a boot camp?

12:50 – Guest answers question.

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15:11 – Chuck: What different projects have you worked on?

15:19 – Guest talks about his many different projects. Like

18:11 – Michael: Working on getting a job. I put together a portfolio and just graduated this past week.

19:38 – Charles: Anything that has been a huge challenge for you?

19:47 – Not really just one. I’ve done big projects in the past. Seeing that I can do them and sheer amount of work that I have put in. Not really too concerned. Only concern is that mid-30s any bias that is out there. I don’t think that will really affect me.

20:25 – Chuck: Yeah, it’s rally not age-bias.

20:55 – Michael: “Making your bones” is an expression in culinary school. That means that you put in the hours in the beginning to become a professional at it. So I have had transitioned several times and each time I had to make my bones and put in the time, so I am not looking forward to that for me right now, but…

21:43 – Chuck: Anything else?

21:51 – Guest: Meetups.

22:40 – Chuck: I have been putting time into making this book.

22:53 – Guest puts in his last comments.

24:00 – Chuck: Thinking about what I want DevChat TV to be. I have been thinking and writing the mission statement for DevChat TV.

25:14 – Chuck: It’s a big deal to get out of debt. My wife and I will be at the end of the year.

25:37 – Guest: Discipline not to spend money, and peer pressure.

25:48 – Picks!

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