Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Christiané Heiligers

This week on My JavaScript Story, Charles speaks with Dr. Christiané Heiligers who is new to the industry. Her background is in physics where she has her Ph.D. in the field. Listen to today’s episode to hear her background, experience with the different programs/languages, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

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1:07 – Christiané: Hello!

1:17 – Chuck: I like hearing people’s stories from our community. Tell us where you come from and who you are?

1:33 – Christiané: I am from South Africa, and have been in the US for 2 years now. My formal training is in physics. I have been a researcher with lab coats and test tubes. Through immigration, which took 2 years. I couldn’t be still, and started learning code on my own. I enjoyed the art. I had to use Python, and then I was hooked. I enjoyed the functional programming and other things. I had some experience with Ruby on Rails. I enjoy development because its problem solving, methodically approach, and uses your creative side, too. My preference is a Mac, need the Internet and decided to go to camps and take courses.

I snagged a job a week before I graduated!

4:36 – Chuck: your journey, thus far. You said that you couldn’t be idle – so why code?

4:53 – Guest: The UK is cold you don’t want to do anything outside! From South American I couldn’t stand the cold. I kept busy indoors – hint the code. You can’t get bored – frontend or backend.

5:28 – Chuck: Can you give us background on the Grace Hopper Academy.

5:40 – Guest: Sure! It’s based in NY City.

6:26 – Chuck: Did you move somewhere or was it remote?

6:30 – Guest: I had to live somewhere e

6:51 – Chuck: Where did you

6:55 – Guest: NY City. There were 16 of us in the course.

7:14 – Chuck: Why did you feel like you had to go to coding school?

7:25 – Guest: I am impatient with myself. The home-life you ask yourself: “Am I doing the right thing? Am I going in the right direction?” I wanted to go and pick up some skills.

7:56 – Chuck: You go through Grace Hopper – is this how you got into JavaScript?

8:11 – Guest: I didn’t know a line of JavaScript.

I did my application code line in Ruby.

My husband has been in software development my whole life.

9:16 – Chuck: What have you done with JavaScript since learning it?

9:24 – Guest: Some card playing games for my nieces in South Africa.

10:50 – Guest: Stack Overflow is wonderful.

11:05 – Chuck.

11:11 – Guest: I wasn’t actively contributing, but I did…

11:30 – Chuck: What is it like being a prof

11:37 – Guest: It’s addictive. When I am writing code in the frontend / backend side. It’s always learning.

12:11 – Chuck: What’s next for you?

12:18 – Guest: I would love to continue this journey. Maybe into the DevOps, but my passion happens with React. The Hapi Framework.

13:10 – Guest: The community is wonderful to work with – everyone is very helpful.

13:22 – Chuck: People are usually talking about Express and not Hapi.js.

13:35 – Guest: I have some contact names you can call.

13:43 – Guest: I am working on a few small projects right now. Some Angular sites that need assistance. Helping out where I can. It’s a small team that I am working with. There is only a few of us.

14:31 – Chuck: Usually people stick with one. What’s your experience using the different frameworks?

14:40 – Guest: It’s an eye-opener! React vs. Angular.

15:07 – Chuck: How can people find you?

15:14 – Guest: LinkedIn, Twitter, Tallwave, etc.

15:37 – Chuck: Picks!

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