MJS 102: Gil Tayar

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  • CacheFly  Host:  Charles Max Wood Special Guest:  Gil Tayar

Episode Summary

In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles Max Wood hosts Gil Tayar, a Senior Architect at Applitools from Israel. Listen to Gil on the podcast JavaScript Jabber Testing in JavaScript with Gil Tayar. Gil started his developing journey when he was 13 years old. He continued his training during his military service and became an instructor for the PC unit. During this time, he learned and taught C, C++ and Windows. He then started working  for Wix before he went onto co-found his own startup. You can listen to Dan Shappir, another developer from Wix that has been a guest on the podcast JavaScript Jabber on this episode. During this experience Gil realized he loves the coding side of the business but not the management side. Gil also loves testing and he very much enjoys his work at Applitools. As a Senior Architect in Applitools R&D, he has designed and built Applitools' Rendering Service. Links


Gil Tayar:


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