MJS 108: Dan Shappir

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  • CacheFly Host:  Charles Max Wood Special Guest: Dan Shappir

Episode Summary

In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles hosts Dan Shappir from Tel Aviv, Israel, who is a computer software developer and performance specialist at Wix. Listen to Dan on the podcast JavaScript Jabber on this episode.Dan got a TI-99/4 when he was very young and enjoyed programming games. He first started with Basic language. After he studied Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he joined the Israel army to serve his military service. While in the military he also obtained his Masters Degree in Computer Science. Currently Dan is working as a Performance Tech Lead at Wix, he works on  speeding up the delivery and execution of 50+ million websites hosted on the Wix platform, as well as Wix own applications and services.



Dan Shappir:


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