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Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined By Special Guest: Jeremy Fairbank

Episode Summary

Jeremy is a Software Developer at Test Double and the author of Programming Elm book. Even though Jeremy majored in Chemistry in college, he was always interested in programming since middle school. After he graduated from college he went to work as a web developer at Plastic Industries and relied on blog posts and other online resources to teach himself how to code. Gradually as the company’s needs changed, Jeremy transitioned into an application developer. He taught himself JavaScript using the book Professional JavaScript for Web Developers . He then attented a Coursera classto learn on principles of functional programming and gained experience with many front end frameworks and libraries, including ElmReact, ReduxBackbone.js, and Marionette.js. Jeremy is based out of Hawaii and when he isn't coding, he spends his time playing his guitar and hiking and going to the beach with his family.



Jeremy Fairbank:

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