Episode Summary

My JavaScript Story this week meets with Nick Basile, UX instructor at Lambda School from Austin, TX. Nick talks about how much he enjoys working with Laravel and Vue as well as his journey as a developer.

Upon graduating from university in Switzerland with a degree in Economics, he started working for two start-ups doing UX/UI design. He then wanted to be able to build UI as well so he taught himself JavaScript and HTML. He then got a job as a front-end developer to further develop his skills. Charles makes a comment about how many developers don't have a Computer Science Degrees.

Nick then talks about how he got into Laravel and Vue and also how he started working for Lambda. They briefly discuss Lambda's business model and Nick's approach to teaching.

Finally Nick talks about how he spends his life outside work in Austin, which nowadays involves looking after his 4-month old daughter.

Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Nick Basile




Charles Max Wood:

Nick Basile: