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Douglas Crockford self-described as the person who discovered that JavaScript has good parts is on this week's My JavaScript Story. Charles and Douglas talk about how Douglas got introduced to programming. and how he specialized in JavaScript.

Douglas realized that there's going to be a convergence of TV and computing very early in his career. So a lot of his career has been bridging those two things, helping the evolution toward digital media. After working for Atari he went to work at Lucasfilm where he stayed for 8 years.

Charles asks Douglas what he is working on now, and what his plans are for the future. Douglas is planning to write more books one of which is Math for Programmers.

Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest:  Douglas Crockford


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Charles Max Wood:


How did Douglas Crockford get started with programming?

In school i did general studies for first year and one of the requirements for that was for math. And one of the ways of satisfying that was Fortran. So I took a Fortran class. At that time it was punching cards and submitting them to the mainframe in the library. And I was really good at it. And I really enjoyed it. So I took the second class. And then the third class and then that's all there was. Because computer science didn't exist yet. At least not at that school so I self taught the rest of it. That's how I got into programming.

Why did Douglas Crockford specialize in JavaScript?

I always tried to be a generalist I trained myself to be a generalist, but I'm best known as being a specialist in something that I would never picked. I never wanted to be the JavaScript guy right I ever had a campaign. This is how I can take over the JavaScript field, I can get in front of this thing. It was never liked that.

Who is Douglas Crockford ?

Douglas Crockford is a language architect and helped with the development of JavaScript. He popularized the data format JSON, and has developed various JavaScript related tools such as JSLint and JSMin.

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