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My JS Story Aimee Knight

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood features My JS Story Aimee Knight. Aimee first appeared in episode 153, where talked about her career as a Junior Developer. She eventually became one of the awesome panelists of JavaScript Jabber. Tune in to learn about her journey in programming!

No Choice But to Program

Aimee worked for an advertising agency during her college days. She managed a site where an Expression Engine was being built and another one for the company itself. As the project manager, she made sure that everything was done on time. Not wanting to procrastinate, she figured out by herself how to do the things that had to be done inside the code. She kept herself busy by tweaking the CSS and some other little things. Since then, she got hooked on programming and stayed home on weekends to spend time on it.

Up for Adventure

Growing up, Aimee learned that she's the type of person who loves challenges. When she encountered programming in her mid-20s, she was in search for something to fill in the void that was once occupied by figure skating. And apparently, programming did it. She enjoyed learning new things and being in a constant cycle. Challenges and accomplishments came after another. As her programming journey progressed, the gap between those two grew wider, but her personality thrives on that.

Into Professional Programming

Aimee's path towards professional programming began when she attended an event called Refresh in Savannah, Georgia. She got to listen to a developer who was a big proponent of Ruby on Rails. She went to Orlando, Florida and joined the Rails Bridge Day. As a newbie, everything was overwhelming for her. After she had established connections and a basic understanding of fundamentals, she drove to Atlanta, Georgia and engaged in Rails Girls' Workshop. She went through mentorship in those things and took her second degree in Information Technology. To hear the rest of My JS Story Aimee Knight, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Aimee Knight on Twitter. Don’t forget to let Aimee know you heard about her on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast!


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