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My JS Story Bob Zeidman

On this week's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Bob Zeidman. Bob focuses on software forensics, but he also does consultations whenever he sells the intellectual property of a startup. He was on episode 238and talked about intellectual property and software forensics. How did his life navigate towards programming? Tune in!

How Curiosity Got Him

As a young boy, he always enjoyed messing around with computers. In eighth grade, he got curious about the school's teletype that connected one room to another over the phone lines to an HP 2000. Following it, he found himself in a book closet and met a senior named Scott Silverstein. Scott was writing programs when Bob bumped into him in that closet. He demonstrated how things were done and made little Bob so amazed with how things worked. He felt that the noise of the machine was calling him, and that's how his programming journey started.

Passion for Programming

When he fell in love with programming, Bob recalls staying up late in school just to program. He often takes the last reservation to use the school's computer so that he could use it as long as he can. There were times he missed the bus home, got locked up in school, and stepped in the house with a scolding.

First Languages Used

Bob learned the fundamentals by reading through the HP manual. At 10th grade, he learned FoCal, which stood for Formula Calculator, in his computer programming class. That's used to conduct a psychological evaluation to determine psychological issues. He also got to study using APL. It allows you to solve all kinds of math equations by using some strange mathematical symbols. Furthermore, you can do an entire matrix calculation on a single line of code with just a few characters. To hear the rest of My JS Story Bob Zeidman, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Bob Zeidman on Twitteror email him at bob@zeidmanconsulting.com. Don’t forget to let Bob know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast!


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