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My JS Story Justin Searls

On this week's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Justin Searls. Justin was on the show on episode 38 and 226in the show. He co-founded Test Double, a software agency which helps developers improve the quality of the software they write. Want to know how he got into this career path? Stay tuned!

Playing with Casio

At the age of 10, Justin flew to Florida with his dad, who ran a condo located at the beach. Their luggage, unfortunately, got lost in the flight, resulting in them having no swimwear for three and a half days. He stayed in the condo only having his backpack with him. One of the things he had inside was his Casio calculator, which he played with as past time. He came up with little games such as guessing the number. He told his dad about it and got a very good feedback from him. Later on, he added features and soon created an ephemeral checkers game. He had no knowledge about the basics of programming and everything was just self-directive.

Entering into Professional Programming

Justin was so much into computer games when he was a young boy. When he went to college, he took Computer Science without second thoughts. However, he soon learned that Computer Science does not equal Application Development. The things taught to him by his professors were not very practical for building applications. He had his first hands-on experience in programming when he worked at their campus library. He was asked to work on their flash base citation generator which was meant to help those who were doing research for their bibliography. Millions of people used it and its feedback led him to build web applications that could provide a free useful service to other people.

Relationship with JavaScript

As someone who has never done an old school style pre-framework PHP 3 app, you would notice a syntactical resemblance to JSx and React. In Justin's early days in JavaScript, he had no idea what was happening on either machine -- server or front end. Everything inside the same file was mixed up in a nonsensical order and to detangle was the key. Over time, he found out that JavaScript was a good way to solve problems for people. However, he did not have a lot of autonomy when he did jobs that had a top-down hierarchy control. He recalls an experience where every single Java library he wanted to pull off had to get approved by a committee. He ended up building for them an earlier Ajax application which uses JavaScript for services. That was a path for him to record productivity. To hear the rest of My JS Story Justin Searls, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Justin Searls on Twitter and send him an email at justin@testdouble.com. Don’t forget to let Justin know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast! You can also follow him through these links:


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