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My JS Story Max Stoiber

Welcome to the 12th My JS Story! Today, Charles Max Wood welcomes Max Stoiber. Max is a frontend JavaScript Developer from Vienna, Austria and currently works as an open source developer for Thinkmill, a company based in Sydney, Austria. Tune in to  My JS Story Max Stoiber  to learn more how he learned to program and discover what he enjoys doing!

“Everybody, if you build things for the web, you have things to say.” - Max Stoiber

Entrance to the Programming World

He started programming because of playing Minecraft in school. He wanted to run his own server for himself and his friends. Because he already had a server, he thought he should also put up a website so others could find his Minecraft server and play with him and his friends. He created a horrible HTML, which led him to quit really quick. In school, they were required to create a personal website for themselves inside the school website. They learned HTML from a teacher and created something together. He enjoyed spending weeks in tweaking its content. He also took some classes in school, such as Shell programming and Intro to Java.

Fiddling from HTML to JavaScript

Shortly after he finished high school, he studied Computer Science at a university in Vienna to become a programmer. Alongside with his studies, he put up basic websites for his mother and some family friends. Three months after studying the Computer Science, he gave up. He had courses which didn't have something to do with frontend development. Thankfully, he got an internship in Animade, a company in London, where half of the company were animators and the other was a digital agency. He spent three months in London as a frontend developer and learned more about HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. Two months after, his mentors there invited him to join them in a project called React JS. That experience was what really got him into JavaScript.

Importance of Being Mentored

The good thing about the web is that you get a wide scope of sources where you can learn things on your own. However, a certain amount of professionality and intimate knowledge of assessing the entire big picture would be missing when you're learning alone. You lose tiny details when you don't work with people that would teach you important things. Max had a good mentorship under Nik Graf, one of the original organizers React Vienna Meet-up. Nik encouraged him to apply and speak at conferences. Last year, he spoke at 16 conferences in front of thousands of people. Max gives credit to Nik for pushing him to something he thought impossible of doing. To hear the rest of My JS Story Max Stoiber, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Max surely wants to hear from you! Connect with him on Twitter. Don’t forget to let Max know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast!


Max: Smashing Magazine and BabelJSCharles: Autonomous desks and Go Puck

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MJS 012 Max Stoiber


[0:05] Hey everybody and welcome back to another meijs story this week we're talking to Max store next you on introduce yourself.[0:13] Hey I'm Max I'm a truck and Developer jobs developers from Vienna Austria in Europe.Which is based in Australia.Which is most recent country based in Sydney Australia and where I work as an associate and to also see open.[0:37] Awesome we also recently had you on JavaScript Jabber.Exactly I don't have the exact episode number in front of me so I guess I have to double-check make sure that it's been released but.[0:49] Yeah yeah yeah definitely.But yeah so I've been inviting all of the guests from JavaScript jabber on to the show so we can talk about who you are and tell your story witches.Kind of the deal that I'm excited about.So let's go ahead and get started with the first question and that is how did you get started programming.This episode is sponsored by newbie remote-com newbie remote visit to day completely virtual conference hosted by none other than Charles Max Wood. Is travel expenses are an issue where you just can't afford to be away from home for 2 days then join us it's virtual.This conference is focused on people who are new to programming who want to learn what the pros know or just get a leg up and getting a job and getting into the program and community.Have speakers from all over the program and Community to help you stay current and a slack room where you can connect with speakers and other attendees in real time.Also have a live round table video chat for attending the speakers + will provide the talk recordings to you within days of the copper.[1:53] Early bird tickets are available for $150 until May 12th and the call for proposals is open until April 28th to come to a nurse at newbie remote-com.[2:04] So I started programming in school I think.Because I was doing I was playing Minecraft and wanted to run my own service for myself and my friends and.[2:23] DeSoto cast of at 7.But I already had to say I told you I had the website so people could find my Minecraft I could play with me and my friends,I put some really horrible HTML and then,if a pretty picture and then school we had so we had this school website,and every pupil had to defend India Heat roster personal website for themselves like inside the school website,do we have to sort of limited sandbox environment where everybody was with her next email from the teacher and try to build something hacks and Me Better Together.So I could have that touch the website without thinking things and putting some random gives us on some running too and I think the first time I ever.Every program anything at all and I really enjoyed it I probably spend,weeks tweaking that press website and Justin to Compton Justin this phone to Justin everything the color like I thought over games and school,and then took some classes and school like she'll programming and money to the Java I didn't.[3:53] Greedy I did some like I program some very basic control close but I would really say I program an offense that they wasn't.[4:03] Well I guess I did program but I didn't make anything useful,and then for my instructor when you graduate high school you have to write this 15-page paper about to pick up your choice it's because you don't prove it,write the 40 pages about something you care about and for some reason that I can't remember now I wrote about.Tcp/ip about Network protocols which is one of the most boring topics.[4:39] It is stupid right like it's totally,like that the paper was the most boring paper out of all of them last year because it was horrible but I had this page paper a bug tcp/ip.Like I have this knowledge but never done with it I thought okay so what's the most.Basic or one of the most basic usages of the network what can you do with them and I thought I could set up my own or I could send it home with something but that's all.Websites the web the internet is it Network I could try making a website.What single website trying to make something that people can actually access on the internet and call my phone and then I had a 7 and had to put something there so it again exclamation.And since then basically having still Tweeting tweaking my personal web page.Payson police seized his page to a WordPress installation with PHP magic inside the seams and then you know since then.On this track of becoming willing to come from that's what set me off in that direction.[6:03] That's really interesting so it is funny because I remember playing with some of the same things like it just,give me these flashbacks the building websites on my to cities are Angel Fire her something back in the day and you know when you get it I wonder how many people go to me because it isn't stable right.I never did Neopets so.[6:32] I fell from a lot of people that they started programming because of the same thing for generation of programs we think about it.[6:47] Yeah that's interesting I like I said I ain't never did anything with Neopets so I don't know anything about it but yeah I know plenty of people who got started with something like US cities or,Angel Fire religion started building stuff in HTML and then they found some back in system or PHP that would effectively,modify the HTML and that you just kind of grew from there yeah eggs act Lee.Do I dare ask how long ago this was I mean you'd be showing your age.Yeah I'm such a stand 20 so this was 3 years ago LOL.Yeah I'm older than 20 so when I was doing it was quite a bit longer than that.Yeah it wasn't even do this for very long people something to see me or talk to me conferences for example when I speak and I mean like,I'm I'm so if I'm at me I'm sorry need to be at 21 years old like what.What should I do because I'm younger than like.It's super weird actually.So for being not so old it seems like you've made some pretty,interesting contributions to JavaScript and react so I was wondering how did you go from kind of fiddling around with HTML and talking about networking protocols in high school not thesis.[8:25] To JavaScript how did you make that leap so I continue doing.HTML CSS for like this whole issue.Like I really enjoy doing this every enjoy programming so I thought I could be the same.Next to the head of Microsoft,finishing so high school named after the after the summer break for like my mother or some friends of my family some really basic sites.Probably 3 months of studying computer science I didn't really do much on Cosimo's in,didn't really have anything to do with what I really enjoy doing with his front development it was the sort of we had to do the actual program it was I had which was introduction to Java I really hate that I went like every like I was super good,but there were a ton of courses that just interest me at all and really hard for me to focus on them because I was sitting at my PC into the sketching on a database schematic for sale.Oh my God I have to do.[9:56] I want to know I was thinking about and wanted to Coalition on Tuesdays right I want to make another website some ideas of things I want to try writing is a keep procrastinating on my Coach bag by doing front of them,after three months that so thank you to sign that said okay I'm giving up like they told me they not working she's always anyway.Thankfully got an internship at a company in London called animate.Would you say they're like interesting company because they have two companies animators make like.The animation slides and stuff and the company's agency the agency who makes products for like companies in website.Until I join time is it from an intern and spent three months in London which was super interesting and really got me into,churches systems them into lost and very end,and off of like 2 months.I meant Tuesday at Simon and James went back so I'm using letting you know that I started for like 2 months now and you've been doing really well and we don't you know,we want to see not like what would you because I don't know what's like the coolest.[11:28] Publix I can going to I want to take a better job I didn't know what that meant,recent well so we have a project coming up which will require some Dynamic interfaces and we've been thinking about using this new framework Library singer came out great reason to buy Facebook cactus,what is income into that for a few weeks,black rings around the police and he's going to figure out if it's actually like useful or nice,feel like going to the recommendation and backed into flux documentation like a tiny little with it then for the first time really use something.[12:14] And I feel that being a senior side project which was released,really got me into the whole house keep reacting,another project for myself called sharing but instead I own would you say website you can go to when you can generate social media sharing buttons that don't track you like this,Lego guy with weird cuz I want to like to show a Life preview of what those parents would like to look like on your website and letting go.I said.Doing the exact same thing I did for that project all over again like I'm doing the exact same setup on exact time setting up again like,I should say that somewhere so I can pay for that he should say it's setup to another folder to sort of use it for their for my next flight,well we just have another folder I'm going to end up destroying it,curly like I can control it I'm so sometimes it just gets to me so well so I haven't my local machine but it would be cool if I hadn't even seen I could really get it.Coca-Cola created.Yeah that's basically where my whole office was doing he started that was two years ago I think.[13:46] And now it has almost 12,000 stars and gets up and is used at companies around the world and ranging from some of these two tiny anyway.Incredible to think about this.[14:13] Yeah reactive it's it's it's kind of interesting if you know how you get into okay I went work for this company and they were kind of teaching me the gayest ropes and then.Yeah you been in this is a story here a lot where people they get in they get started they get a job and they have some sort of mentorship at the job that they're at and they grow and grow and grow to the point where the either wind up leaving the company or,eventually they get to the point where the people are mentoring them it's like well I don't know what else to teach you directly but there's this really cool thing to go check out.Yeah we just have enough people there.So let me ask you really quickly how it how important do you think it is then for people at the beginning of their career to have that kind of a mentorship.[15:05] I think it's really because when you learn on your own you can,the good thing about the web is that you can learn other things by yourself by just doing you soon and figure out what are other people doing my reading stories.A certain amount of.[15:27] Professionality and intimate knowledge of assessing the entire big picture that you sort of lose that way because you don't know.What like when you when you work at a company have to think about so many things I guess I think about accessibility,right thing that I never thought about before I actually did like work for people what is that like how how do I make something that's my buddy.And there's all these tiny details that you sort of lose when you don't work with people that teach you these tiny doesn't it make sure you take care of them.By having people around you that you look at what you doing figure out how you could be better until the show you the ropes.[16:15] Do you have a story or some other example of an instance where somebody was able to Mentor you through something or help you through something that paid off later on.[16:29] Yeah my friends now he's cold Nick Nick Groff and I'm here original,I'm eating there are actually I think a manager's meeting.Give me a talk I I I think I give it talk about I think it was again and I gave it talk about it since you told actually,it's about how he was using reactants products and how I was eating my project.[17:11] He said he basically charge me really really encouraged me to go apply to speak at conferences and I didn't I didn't think anybody would accept,me speaking in conference right I'm quite happy with having spoken like.Can we need to stretch he said no like you.Mississippi State love to hear about what you have to say like you can in great work and would react to stuff just like to meet a bunch of cities and really encourage me to get started with conference,see if he's spoken 16 conferences in front of.Yeah.Totally would have happened if Nick had not told me maybe baby kick in the ass I'm sorry for the language and told me to go do that because.I would have never thought that's a thing that you can just do but you can't like everybody if you build things for the way things to say,everything we do has an opinion and everything we do has something that we make for reasons in the mother and it's super interesting to listen to white people.To set things that something.[18:32] How to say that no matter in which stage in your career you're at or how much you think you have to say you have things to say and you should submit.People chances and you will get accepted and you will speak at conferences or something.Very famous people do it's like you can do it's it's not like you would have things to say you can do it.I totally agree and it's funny because like I remember when I was brand-new programmer and.You know I wasn't very courageous either,and somebody said you should do it like me talk I was our conference the Dead Like Me talks with your just five-minute talks and you sign up while you're at the conference and it was just funny because.Just work you know I got up and I did it had people come over afterward and say that was really interesting and you know it first I thought they were being nice but then they asked me some deeper questions that really made me realize you know what what about was something,they needed to hear one way or the other and so it it totally made a ton of sense I'm also going to take a second here to encourage anybody who's thinking about,these kinds of opportunities you know some of the talk to any of the remote confident react from Ocala for coming up this fall and as a conference organizer I can tell you that I like getting to three sometimes four,I think the talk at the conference had like 16 spots and so I like getting new speakers in for you know I have to a quarter of those spots.[20:08] And usually I'm picking them based on the content,but I usually do try and you know get that kind of a split on the buttocks because you get this brand new perspective from this new person who's come into the.The community from a different place and it makes a big difference just being able to hear oh well I was new and this is what I ran into when I was starting to do whatever it is that.We're talking about here absolutely agree absolutely.Also if any villains want to get into conference because it's a very good idea to go to local meetings first.I got really lucky because the NHS is a great meet up and actually record so that also even before I started like some meat like even before that going to conferences I already had in videos myself talking witches.I see something that comforter when I just really like because they want to see that you're not an incoherent rambling.Doesn't anyone listen to this benefits of an impression of,how long can speak and it's super cold and I think maybe you can do you agree or disagree music on Sonos,I definitely agree I usually don't watch too much of the video but it does give me an idea of what you're talking to look like when you give it because,I can see you I can see your body language and I can see how you organize your thoughts and things like that and and that gives me an idea okay when I'm selecting this talk it's going to be this topic but it's also going to be the speaker.[21:46] Yeah exactly.So you mentioned react boilerplate what what are you working on these days that the people would recognize you for maybe in addition to rather play.[22:01] So now they say I also I am using cold-cut lunch which was Molly successful but Terry has now died of it,because I don't have the time to maintain it,now I must be focusing on Keystone GS which is a no GS Continental System components which is a new way to stall react applications and.When somebody takes what you say.Super simple but very flexible Logistics service that's when you can just download and use it for your own good.Things that people know me the most.Is interesting cuz the more the more time I spend in the open source community and then dinner runs and communicated more ideas for purchase I get and the more I still do.The more I want to do even more open source you know I mean like the more you work,with the web the more you realize some things that you're missing in the more you want to fix those things and you dude like SS developers I think.England tendency of fixing their own problems cuz I'll be here all day long is fixing bugs and told him your own problems and.Is super valuable to going there.Find a problem that you sold and terrorizing in just putting up together and seeing if people like some other people might want to use it you know anybody that you have anything like you soon so Leon problem Maybe.[23:42] Probably actually somebody will have the same problem sometime down the line and we really appreciate that you shed Your solution.Yeah absolutely.[23:54] The same thing goes for bugging I guess about something about something that you've had and so somehow you approach,rotate or anything really evening that nobody will read it somebody would find it through some of the skillset changing and,will it will basically make their day amazing things were.[24:22] It's really hard because you have to put your own decisions into words and your own thoughts into words starting with paper,I'm really help out the people who organizes my own brain like I seen this interesting,yeah absolutely.Yeah hey there this is Charles Max Wood I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about freelance remote-com.Putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing in some of the experts from the freelancer show to talk to you about how to find clients how to collect money.How to build your business how to specialize and much much more.So if you're thinking about going freelance or you're already freelance and want to hear from the experts on how to go become or grow your freelancing business,then by all means come check us out at freelancer.com. Com,alright well I'm kind of running out of time I have another appointment here in about 5 minutes so I'm going to push us over into the last part of the colon that is pics now you've been on the show before so you understand pics do you have.[25:42] So I'm going to my first shot about something very much in my own interest,which is the last day of release not Smashing Magazine about South components and wine is it the way it is,I'm going to smack. Come and check out that article I'm going to be quite what's right is what I like.What is happening how am I ever going to put myself into swords.Bible College in such a tool to transpower your telescope which a lot of people use that you need millions of developers Bible and looking to release the next me to bed and I need help,looking for a country to help them.Kick some new shoes and tried out a little thing so I'm going.interviewing two jobs you can you won't get started until someone could you get to the first episode of this is a very good start.Yeah that's pretty good alright very cool I'm going to go ahead and throw a few pics out.I think I mentioned on previous episodes that I went to CES.That's where recording this it was about a week ago but is this is released it was a few months ago anyway it was a lot of fun and one of the things that I saw there that I went up picking up it was an autonomous desk.[27:12] Autonomous is the brand and effectively it says sit-stand desk with a motor in it and I,I am currently cleaning off my ear cleaning out my current office so that I can move those in,my wife's a little tired of the boxes sitting in our front room so I'm I'm really excited about those I'm going to shout out about that one other thing that I'm going to pick and I'm the last episode,I got a phone with a portable battery It's called Go Puck and,it's it's a little bit bigger than your normal battery but anyway.It comes with this clip you can use to attach it to your belt or the strap on your back or anything else it's it's a little bit different from what you're imagining it has these little fingers on,on both ends of it and so it kind of clicks around it it's kind of hard to explain,but at least without seeing it but if you go check it out at gopuff.com I think is their address in kind of get the idea but anyway so it.Yeah it has this it it's basically A Separate Peace that the Clips around the battery but.Yeah but anyway see you put it yes I slide it under my belt and then I seen then I snapped the battery into it alright.So anyway it was nice because they didn't have to carry it around her have this big bulky thing in my pocket or anything so.[28:50] Yeah go pocket definitely a cool tool there so anyway.Yeah those are my pics if people want to see what you working on these days max what do they do.[29:05] Take out the trash the minute I spend most of my day actually.Http.com twitter.com / MX STD are with you. Complicated but it's just my name without vowels.Alright we will put least all of that in the show notes thank you for coming thank you for telling me.Alright we will go ahead and wrap this one up and we will come back at you next week I think next week we're talking to Rebecca Turner from.Mpm so should be fun.[29:44] Alright thanks again Max.Bandwidth for this segment is provided by cash by the world's fastest ET and deliver your content fast with cash why visit cache fly.com to learn more.[30:01] Music. 

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