MRS 030: Cameron Dutro



    Charles Max Wood

    Guest: Cameron Dutro

    This week on My Ruby Story, Charles speaks with Cameron Dutro. Cameron is a return guest from Ruby Rogues. Currently, Cameron works at Lumosity, a company that creates brain games & brain training application for web and mobile.  Cameron mention working on the platform team working with internationalization.

    Cameron talks about his journey into programming, starting at the age of 4 and being fascinated an IBM 85XT computer and flight simulator games. Cameron describes is early interactions with programming in elementary and high school. Then moving into a professional field after college at Twitter and eventually at Lumosity. Cameron talks about his next projects and his contributions to the Ruby community.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • How did you get introduced to programming?
    • At the age of 4, Cameron was fascinated with computers and games
    • In elementary started writing games with Basic and Visual Basic 6
    • Wrote a prank program
    • In high school moved to C# and.Net
    • Windows and PC
    • Got a computer science degree
    • Work at Flutter and Twitter
    • Then joined Lumosity
    • 2011 – Twitter as a startup
    • Ruby Projects
    • Ruby Gem  – Arrow Helpers
    • Turbo Sprocket Rails 4
    • Games at Lumosity
    • What are you working on these days?
    • Password and Login app
    • Pron PDF – TTFunk
    • Masters in Computer Science in the works
    • Should I get a degree? Advantages? – NO
    • Getting a job in tech?
    • When you might need a degree – AI, Machine Learning
    • and much, much more!





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