MRS 046: Benjamin Wood


    Panel: Charles Max Wood

    Guest: Benjamin Wood

    This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to Benjamin Wood. Ben and his brother Josh own a consultancy company together called Hint, where they specialize in upgrading Rails apps and run He first got into programming because he was interested in computer hardware and built a computer out of spare parts for fun as a child. They talk about what led him to Ruby and Rails, what he has learned in throughout his life, especially with running a business, and much more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Ruby Rogues Episode 288
    • Hint and
    • How did you first get into programming?
    • Interested in computer hardware
    • Built a computer as a kid
    • Grew up in time of dial up internet
    • Discovered his house had two phone lines
    • Snook extra fax line into his room to get internet
    • Fell in love with the internet as a child
    • PHP and DSL
    • Built forums to keep in touch with friends
    • Created content management systems with PHP
    • WordPress
    • Started a career in audio engineering
    • Ran a recording studio for 6 years
    • Built a website for the studio
    • Started with JavaScript
    • How did you find Rails?
    • Wanted a change of career
    • Self-taught
    • Sub-contracting with his brother
    • HoneyBadger
    • What have you learned?
    • And much, much more!