Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: James Shore

This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to James Shore about his background, how he got into programming, pitfalls that happened along the way, and his Agile story. James Shore is a thought leader in the Agile software development community. He was an early adopter of Agile development and he continues to lead, teach, write, and consult on Agile development processes.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • James Shore’s background:
  • How did you get into programming?
    • Began an interest at 15 years old.
  • How did you go from hobbyist to a professional?
    • Modem background.
    • FidoNet
    • Software and technical design to the agile field.
  • Agile field & development
  • A lot of time we don’t look for these solutions unless we go through the pain.
    • This is so true.
    • In many ways the best learning comes through failure.
    • Design standards.
  • JavaScript
  • If you see a different style – and you can’t get past X, Y, Z – that’s a real sign of immaturity.
    • See past the different styles and find what you could “steal.”
    • Intellectual laziness.
    • Human condition is to not feel inferior.
    • Of course, not every idea is good, but try and see what is the root. 
  • What do you feel like you’ve contributed to the programming industry?
  • And much more!







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