MRS 050: Jacob Stoebel


Panel: Charles Max Wood


Guest: Jacob Stoebel


This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to Jacob Stoebel. Jacob is a Ruby and JavaScript developer and he works for a small company that works with publishers. Jacob first got into programming in high school when he took a computer science class where he messed around with Pascal and C++. He got back into programming after college when he went back to school for programming to try to make his data entry job easier. They talk about his journey pushing the boundaries with technology, how he went about starting his programming career, and more!


In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Jacob intro
  • Ruby Rogues episode 355
  • Honesty, Kindness and Inspiration: Pick Three blog post
  • His RubyConf 2017 talk
  • Encourage people to talk about what they are passionate about
  • How did you first get into programming?
  • Computer science class in High School
  • Pascal and C++
  • Went on to pursue other things besides programming after high school
  • Job involved data processing
  • Python class
  • Setting limits as to what you can and cannot do with technology
  • Pushing the boundaries
  • Don’t be afraid to change your career
  • Learning and taking more computer science class through his job
  • Ruby and Rails
  • Real world project that other people hold you accountable for
  • Web apps
  • Why Rails?
  • Django
  • What have you done in Rails that you’re proud of?
  • Wiki Edu Dashboard
  • Legacy projects
  • What are you working on now?
  • And much, much more!