Panel: Charles Max Wood


Guest: Olivier Lacan 


This week on My Ruby Story, Chuck talks with Olivier Lacan who works for Pluralsight remotely while living in France.  Chuck and Olivier talk about his background, his education, and how he got into Ruby. Check it out! 


In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

0:00 – Get A Coder Job!


0:55 – Chuck: Hi! Can you update people where you are at now?


1:21 – Guest: I work on the Pluralsite remotely from France. (Check it out here!)


2:20 – Chuck: It feels like Pluralsite is offering new things for students. That’s nice! 


2:30 – Guest: Yes, everyone has their own unique way to learn new things. Whether it’s through podcasts, reading, etc. 


3:25 – Chuck.


3:32 – Guest.


4:01 – Chuck: RR 364 was the last episode that you’ve been on. 


4:20 – The guest is talking about the changes that have occurred in only 7 months!


4:58 – Chuck: Let’s talk about you! How did you get into programming?


5:12 – Guest: Frustration is how I got into programming.


The guest talks in-detail about how he got into programming. What frameworks and languages he’s learned along the way. 


31:24 – Chuck: I want to call out the fact that you said: I’ve failed. That’s good for people to hear. 


31:40 – Guest. 


31:49 – Chuck: If I’m not failing then I’m not pushing myself. How did you get into Ruby?


32:04 – Guest: Andrew Smith is how I got into Ruby. We met through Twitter! I was looking for croissants b/c I was homesick. His handler is @fullsailor! Check him out on Twitter here


34:56 – Chuck talks about variables.


35:00 – Guest talks about Ruby and how he got into it. 


36:50 – The guest talks about starting up a business with his friend (Chris) called Clever Code. 


39:38 – Chuck: How did you get into Code School? 


39:40 – Guest talks about his time in Orlando, FL. 


40:05 – Guest mentions Rails for Zombies.


47:15 – Chuck: Nice! It’s interesting to see how you’ve gotten into it!


47:25 – Guest: Check out Pluralsight.


50:08 – Chuck: Some of the background I was there but there is so much more!


50:20 – Guest: There are so many lessons that I’ve learned a lot the way. There is so much luck involved, too. There are so many parts of this that is jumping onto an opportunity. 


51:09 – Chuck: You showed up, so it wasn’t fully all luck, though!


51:20 – Guest: Yes, I agree. Finding accountability partners. It’s like going to the gym. Yes, self-motivation is a thing. 


52:17 – Chuck: How can people find you?


52:20 – Guest: Twitter, GitHub, and my website!


53:00 – Advertisement – Fresh Books! 


END – CacheFly











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