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Host: Charles Max Wood

Special Guest: Sihui Huang

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Sihui Huang, a software engineer at Gusto, which is a startup that works with payroll, benefits, and HR for companies.

Listen to Sihui on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode.

Before taking programming classes in university, Sihui didn’t know anything about programming. In fact, she had originally planned to study accounting and switched her major on the first day of classes. Read Sihui’s blog piece “From Hello World to Six Job Offers From Facebook, Airbnb, Salesforce…” to learn more about a step by step account of her programming studies.

Sihui did a couple of internships to figure out exactly what kind of a work environment she wanted to be in and Gusto fit that environment the best. She has been there since graduation. In her career, Sihui follows an iterative methodology where she sets one goal, unblocks herself and performs the necessary steps to reach that goal and then sets her next goal. Every 6 months she reflects on what she has learned the past 6 months and puts it in a blog piece to remember it. Check out Sihui’s blog here.



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