MRS 079: Chandan Jhunjhunwal

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  • CacheFly Host:  Charles Max Wood Special Guest:   Chandan Jhunjhunwal

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Chandan Jhunjhunwal, a tech lead at Coupa Software from Pune India. Listen to Chandan on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode.Chandan studied electronics in university but was hired as a software engineer at IBM after university and really liked programming. He then continued working as a developer for a startup before founding his own startup. Chandan is now working for the procurement department at Coupa Software. Chandan feels that no matter what your background is, nothing is too hard and  if you like something you should dive in and do it. He also points out that especially in technology there is always a learning curve.



Chandan Jhunjhunwal:


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