MRS 081: Genadi Samokovarov

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  • CacheFly Host: Charles Max Wood Guest:  Genadi Samokovarov

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles chats with Genadi Samokovarov, a software developer who loves using Ruby. Genadi has also been a guest on the podcast Ruby Rogues, you can listen to it here. Genadi was born in Bulgaria and grew up playing video games. During his high school years he was the “go-to guy” for computers in his neighborhood. In his university years he got interested in Python and afterwards in Ruby. He then applied for Google Summer of Code and continued developing his coding skills there. He is now working for the company Receipt Bank. Genadi is also on the organizing team for the Balkan Ruby Conference which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2019.



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