MRS 085: Pedro Cavalheiro

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  • CacheFly Host:  Charles Max Wood Special Guest:  Pedro Cavalheiro

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Pedro Cavalheiro a software engineer at Xing from Brazil, currently residing in Hamburg, Germany. He has been working with Ruby and PHP languages, and since 2015 has been working full-time with Ruby on Rails. Listen to Pedro on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode. Pedro has been interested in computers and video games since he was a child. Upon advice from his friend he attended a computer programming class. He got his first job programming in PHP language a couple of weeks after completing the course. After working for several startups in Brazil, he wanted to move to Germany where his ancestors are from and got a job at Xing in Hamburg. Currently Pedro is settling into his new position at the company and he is studying German. In the future when he has a bit more time, he wants to to learn Elixir and get back to teaching.



Pedro Cavalheiro:


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