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My Ruby Story Brad Urani

On this first episode of My Ruby Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Brad Urani. About a year and a half ago, Brad talked about Rails, JavaScript, and Functional Programming in episode 237 of the show. Get to know more about him and his journey in programming. Tune in!

It All Started with the Calculator

Brad's journey in programming started with a TI-80 calculation. He wanted to do something interesting during his Math class, so he wrote small games using the basic language it had. By the time he was 13 years old, his mom bought him a computer for Christmas. He became one of the early internet surfers in the early 90s, and witnessed how computers evolved. He started doing HTML and web pages, while his friends did BBSS. His first real exposure was when people had AOL or copy serve. He ended up having his own business at the age of 16.

Getting into Ruby

Brad started in Ruby 3 years ago. He has been a .NET developer for most of his career. Eventually he landed a job with a social media startup, where he got his first exposure to open source software. He later moved to a financial startup, which had a unique algorithm. That's when he learned about Ruby. He continued with his work until he became their director of engineering.

Role in Procore Technologies

After the financial startup was purchased, Brad moved to a company which offered construction management software. Their market consisted of people who build skyscrapers, building, subways, upper houses, and big construction projects. The software they had had tools mostly built upon Ruby and Rails. At present, Brad works as a staff engineer who does a lot of work on performance, SQL optimization, optimizing queries, and more. To hear the rest of My Ruby Story Brad Urani, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Brad on Twitter and blog. You can also follow him through the links below. Don’t forget to let Brad know you heard about him on’s Ruby Rogues My Ruby Story podcast!


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