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My Ruby Story Derrick Reimer

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood interviews Derrick Reimer. Derrick is the co-founder of Drip, an email marketing automation platform that's designed for startups and consultants. He appeared on episode 254, and talked about Building/Scaling a Rails Saas App. It's interesting to know how Derrick got into programming. Tune in!

Started with Basic DOS

Derrick's interest in programming began when his dad introduced Basic DOS to him sometime in his middle school years. He started creating programs that had a question-command prompt setup. As a young boy, he was overwhelmed with how his input and output worked well together. The first game he ever made was a rudimentary version of Nokia's snake. He played with it for a few years as his hobby. Wanting to achieve more, he got into VB 6. He felt accomplished having built games like a version of double solitaire and a lot more.

Meeting Ruby

After graduating college, he wanted to become an actuary, one who works for insurance companies and determines the price of insurance products. Dismissing the thought, he enrolled in an MBA program because he wanted to start his own business. Eventually, he dropped out and took an information systems class. He was soon led to the 37 signals blog. He got intrigued how it gave him the idea of starting his business any time he can. Being certain of what he wanted to pursue, he researched about Python, Ruby, and PHP, and was more attracted to the Ruby syntax than Python.

First Rails App

Derrick wanted to create user documentation for his first product in Rails. He looked for a relatively small app that he could sell through $9-100 per month range. He didn't think someone would buy his app that time. His product eventually showed few strategic flaws. He ran some experiments since it was his first full-scale Rails application. He figured out what works and what doesn't. To hear the rest of My Ruby Story Derrick Reimer, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Derrick on Twitter and blog. You can also follow him through the links below. Don’t forget to let him know you heard about him on’s Ruby Rogues My Ruby Story podcast!


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