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My Ruby Story Devon C Estes

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood interviews Devon C Estes. Devon was also on the show on episode 295 and talked about The European Ruby Community. How did he cross paths with programming? Tune in to find out!

From Opera to Programming

Devon's father used to work in a computer company. One time while Devon was still 8 years old, his father brought home some computer parts and told him to build his own computer. He got interested in hacking when the Hackers movie came out. His parents encouraged him to play with computers and programming. But he drifted to Opera singing, in which he received undergraduate and master's degrees. The work he had after grad school eventually led him back to programming.

Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Devon admits that had no idea with what he is doing daily, because he does not have a degree in Computer Science. He wishes he learned earlier. At first, he thought that someone has to be qualified to do a job. But eventually, he realized that people don't need somebody's approval to do so.

“If you can do the work, you can do the work.” -Devon C Estes

He struggled with the concepts of good decode and clean code. For that, he studied what really matters in code. The Impostor Syndrome did not prevent him from keeping on in programming.

Getting Into Ruby

Devon first encountered Ruby while building a web app in Django and Python. It was only around 2014 when someone advised him to check the resources on Ruby. That's when he also took the course on code academy. The lessons worked well for him. He started understanding the nature of what he's doing. He felt productive as a programmer not just to the language, but also to programming in general. To hear the rest of My Ruby Story Devon C Estes, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Devon on Twitter and Github. You can also follow him through the links below. Don’t forget to let him know you heard about him on’s Ruby Rogues My Ruby Story podcast!


Devon: ErgoDox EZ keyboard, Dragonball Super, and VeepCharles: Intel i7 7700 processor, Corsair Vengeance 64GB, SilverStone Technology RL06WS PRO case, GeForce GTX 1080, Windows 10 Linux command line


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