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My Ruby Story Jamis Buck

Today's episode features the Ruby Story of  Jamis Buck. James guested on episode 268, where he talked about Mazes for Programmers. For 9 years, he worked at 37Signals as Software Developer. How did he get into programming, and what is he currently up to? Tune in!

Early Start with Computers

Jamis started his journey into programming in elementary, where he did some turtle graphics. He also had the time to explore his uncle's Commodore PET computer. He continued exploring even in the summer of his sophomore year, when his mom got a Tandy computer with a 20 MB hard drive. Along with it came a manual with information on GW-BASIC, which he enjoyed learning.

More into Programming

Jamis just explored and did whatever he could with a computer. Their Computer Science class in high school was only about Word processing, but their teacher allowed him and some others to explore Turbo Pascal as well. He enjoyed the language very much. Apart from Pascal, there was also a Turbo C++. By the time he reached college, he got a job as a programmer doing PowerBuilder. Their primary goal was to write the registration system of the school. They eventually merged with another department and rewrote the system with C.

Learning How to Program

Jamis soon went into Ruby. He experimented with other programming languages as well. He remembers his first project was a web server. All throughout, Jamis had fun exploring the different possibilities with the tools he had at hand. And, he still enjoys learning even to this day. To hear the rest of My Ruby Story Jamis Buck, download and listen to the entire episode.

Establish Connections

Connect with Jamis @jamis through the links below. Don’t forget to let him know you heard about him on’s Ruby Rogues My Ruby Story podcast!


Jamis: Zen in the Martial Arts book, wholesome network on Reddit Charles: Slack, Zapier,, Mazes for Programmers book


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