OO 009: How to Build a Successful Remote Team with Michael Grange

Self-proclaimed “technologist at heart” Michael Grange joins Charles Max Wood and David Hemmat on this episode of Outsourcing Oasis. After years of experience in companies large and small, Michael has taken all his experience and wrapped it up to offer via his own consultancy, which offers CIO and business optimization services to clients across the UK and US. In this episode, Michael describes his experience working with global teams and the trials and tribulations that come with it, and shares his unique perspective having worked in a wide variety of companies, from small to large companies building teams overseas. Of particular note are Michael’s recommendations on how to properly set up your outsourced software development team, taking into account factors such as cultural and work fit, among others. Bonus information about the importance of video calling for building rapport within your remote team. Tune in to learn more!


  • David Hemmat
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Michael Grange






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