Podcast Network is a podcast network dedicated to helping developers become the top developers in their respective communities. Our panels are made up of experts that speak to the things that you need to do to get what you want from your programming career.

Our Shows

Our shows are focused on helping you achieve everything you want to in your programming career.

Who We Are

We are programmers just like you. We discuss the things that will help you find success as a software developer on your teams and within your communities. started out with Ruby Rogues. A mob podcasting show where we discussed topics surrounding Ruby. A year later, we had similar shows covering JavaScript and Freelancing. It later expanded to include iOS development and AngularJS.

Our mission is to teach programmers to build the skills that will help the find the success they crave in their careers. This includes tech skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.

We will also show you how to reach other developers and build your own brand in the programming arena.

Make Your Career Blast Off!

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