Adventures in DevOps

DevOps 002: Castigated by Containers

Panel Nell Shamrel-Harrington Lee Waylin Scott Nixon Episode Summary The panelists introduce themselves. Nell is a principal engineer at Chef, Lee runs the DevOps consulting team Fuzzy Logic Systems, and Scott runs Cloud Mechanics consulting. The topic of today’s podcast is containers. They begin by defining what a container is, with each sharing their own…

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DevOps 001: What is DevOps?

Sponsors CacheFly Panel Nell Shamrell-Harrington Lee Whalen Scott Nixon Episode Summary Welcome to the first episode of the Adventures in DevOps podcast! The panelists Nell Shamrell-Harrington – Principal Engineer at Chef Software, Lee Whalen – Principal Engineer and President at Fuzzy Logic Tech, and Scott Nixon – Founder at Cloud Mechanics, kickstart the show by…

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