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016 RailsClips Dotenv

015 RailsClips Pessimize

013 RailsClips Jbuilder

012 RailsClips HTTP Basic Authentication

This episode shows how to set up HTTP Basic Authentication, how to modify it for multiple users, and how to hook it into Devise

011 RailsClips RABL

RABL is my favorite way to build views in Ruby on Rails. Here's a quick overview of how it's used. Better show notes are coming...

006 RailsClips Testing APIs with Faraday

This video goes over end-to-end testing of APIs when the setup is a little more involved or where Rack::Test won't work. Usually this requires deploying...

005 RailsClips to_xml

This week we're going to go over to_xml with the same example we used for to_json.

001 RailsClips Devise

Before we get into how to build API's with Ruby on Rails, we're going to need an authentication engine. Devise is a simple way...