React Native Radio | Episode 7


Nader Dabit

Peter Piekarczyk

Kevin Old

Jed Watson

Joshua Sierles



Josh would you like to tell us about yourself?


What were some of the technical challenges to make React Native Playground a reality?


Can you give us an overview of what React Native Playground is about?


What does the future hold for RN Play, and where do you plan on taking this?


Do you feel the iteration are faster in React Native?


Have you had a lot of request for bridge components to be usable on RN Playground?

So is the goal of RN Playground to be an IDE for the lack of a better term, to get people to get starting React Native. Is it an experimentation area?


I understand you were just at Reactive Conf., what was the vibe like, and was React Native a big topic there?

Nader asks the group about Elm as a platform. Does anyone have any experience with Elm?

Can you give us an idea about how people can contribute to RN Playground, being that it is open source?

I see you have a project called Reply, can you tell us about that?
(29 :05)

Peter ask about working updates with app in production.

When will you allow people to test?

From your point of view what do you think of the future of React Native? What is your stance on React Native verses other platforms?

Jeb talks about the sentiments of other platforms, at Reactive Conf.

Do you guys have any plans, tools, project coming up in the near future?

Jed is curious to hear about Joshua’s experience with complex issues and bindings of older and newer versions of React.


Do you have any tips and trick of updating to a newer version of React Native?








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