07 React Native Playground with Joshua Sierles

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React Native Radio | Episode 7 Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old Jed Watson Joshua Sierles  (0:40) Josh would you like to tell us about yourself?(1:55)What were some of the technical challenges to make React Native Playground a reality?(8:50)Can you give us an overview of what React Native Playground is about?(12:13)What does the future hold for RN Play, and where do you plan on taking this?(15:09)Do you feel the iteration are faster in React Native?(17:11)Have you had a lot of request for bridge components to be usable on RN Playground?(18:13)So is the goal of RN Playground to be an IDE for the lack of a better term, to get people to get starting React Native. Is it an experimentation area?(20:23) I understand you were just at Reactive Conf., what was the vibe like, and was React Native a big topic there?(22:52)Nader asks the group about Elm as a platform. Does anyone have any experience with Elm?(24:26)Can you give us an idea about how people can contribute to RN Playground, being that it is open source?(26:01)I see you have a project called Reply, can you tell us about that?(29 :05)Peter ask about working updates with app in production.(31:10)When will you allow people to test?(31:51)  From your point of view what do you think of the future of React Native? What is your stance on React Native verses other platforms?**(35:00)Jeb talks about the sentiments of other platforms, at Reactive Conf.(38:18)Do you guys have any plans, tools, project coming up in the near future?(40:58)Jed is curious to hear about Joshua’s experience with complex issues and bindings of older and newer versions of React.(44:42)**Do you have any tips and trick of updating to a newer version of React Native?   Picks   Jed NPMCDNwww.npmcdn.com KevinAuth 0 https://auth0.com/  Josh  Reindex.io https://www.reindex.io  NaderCity of New Orleans     Resources Mentioned in this Episode   React Native Playgroundhttps://www.reactnative.com/react-native-playground/  Reployhttps://reploy.io


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