2017 In Review and What to Expect in 2018 feat. Mike Grabowski


    React Native Radio | Episode 85


    Nader Dabit

    Spencer Carli


    Guests: Mike Grabowski

    In today’s show, Nader Dabit and Spencer Cali of React Native Radio speaks with Mike Grabowski. This is the initial episode of 2018 and React Native Radio panelist talks about things that happen in 2017, and current event in the industry this new year. This episode is a general discussion among the panelist and their specific expertise in the React Native community.

    Topics and Questions discussed:

    • Release and change cycles in React Native
    • The momentum of contributors this year compared to last year
    • Facebook and React Native
    • Corporate and React Native
    • Consultancy offering React Native
    • Call Stack
    • React Native EU Sept 5-6, 2018
    • Online training, and courses
    • What are companies leaning towards in the technology they want to use?
    • Training
    • JavaScript, ES6, etc, in demand by companies
    • Resources for Native developmen t
    • Strategies for learning
    • Does the knowledge transfer across platforms from iOS and Android?
    • Source code and implementation
    • Big Nerd Ranch Guide
    • Reason
    • Graph QL
    • React and React Native Navigation
    • Expo
    • And much more!





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