25 Hirebotics with Rob Goldiez

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React Native Radio | Episode 25 Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Lee Johnson Special Guest: Rob Goldiez Hireboticshttps://www.hirebotics.com/ Discussions and Questions:** 0:36 Rob can you give us and introduction and tell us how you got into React Native and Programming? 1:30 So what other option were you considering before you chose React Native? 2:30 So you company sells or releases out robots? What kind of robot are they? 4:40 What are the typical uses cases for the robots? 7:35 Can you kinda of go into how you guys are using React Native and mobile apps? 10:00 Did you run into do any hurdles while building the application in a short time period? 14:00 Have you tried any basic react chart libraries? 16:00 Can you go into who long you have been programming in Java Script, and how long ago you picked up React Native? 19:00 Can you go into what you guy are thinking as far as the future if HiRobotics? And why you decided to get into robotics at this time? 29:00 What resources did you find most helpful as you were getting started? 32:00 So you just kind of did the search and conquer method? 33:30 Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would change about the process or workflow? 36:00 Are you guys using Flux or Redux? What are you guys using for data architecture? Are you using Firebase? 38:00 You guys did this without any iOS resources, is that correct? 41:00 How many hour are you guys putting in? Are you guys getting funded or are you self funded? 43:00 This does not sound like your first startup experience? You guys sound like you know what you are doing. 45:00 Where do you see you company in the future as far as integration with companies like Slack or Amazon Echo, or platform like that? Resources Mentioned in this Episode**Beaglebonehttps://beagleboard.org/black  PicksRN Image Picker (Peter)A Guide to the Good Life (Nader)React Native Chart (Rob)Zube.io (Lee)


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