26 Reindex with Mikhail Novikov

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React Native Radio | Episode 26** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: **Mikhail Novikov of Reindex Reindex.iohttps://www.reindex.io Discussions and Questions:** 0:38 Mikhail can you introduce yourself  and tell us about your background and how you got into programming? 2:10 Can you going into what Reindex offers? 2:40 You kind of going into Graph QL and setting up your environment vs going with a service like yours? 5:30 If I were to build an new app and use Reindex, how many different layers are their in between my actual React and data base? 8:20 Can you give use some uses cases of your customers and how this fits into to people’s apps? 9:41 So is Reindex more less Firebase with a Graph QL API? Can you talk about the additional helper methods  or roles you play to make a programers life easier with using Reindex and Graph QL? 11:44 This there a way to extract or migrate my data to another system if I needed to do that? 12:56 How would the process go about interacting with the authentication part of your platform? 14:42 Do you want to expand Reindex JS, and add more features or helper methods for testing we do all the time? 15:54 Do you have any example project that a user might look at? 16:26 Can you go into the difference between the APIs for React and React Native, and what you have for both? And what you only have for each? What are the future plans for them? 18:40 What is the pricing and what does that working with Reindex? 19:14 What are your future plans? What are your thoughts on the Parce situation? 21:50 Can you explain how someone can interact with a separate API  through reindex? 24:16 Let say I had a Parse App, it is possible to migrate that data over, can you support that? 25:07 What kind of reaction and adoption have you see so far with Reindex? 27:35 Do you guys have communication with the Facebook team? 28:20 Did you go to React Amsterdam? 29:00 Is there a product or a feature you wish you had to offer? 30:04**So what would be the best way to get started with Reindex? With React Native or React?   PicksRxJS (Nader)[RxJS in Action](https://RxJS in Action) (Nader)React Apps with Relay GraphQL & Flux(Nader)Reploy (Mikhail)Building the F8 2016 App (Peter)


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