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React Native Radio | Episode 27** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: Jake Taylor of Fuse Tools**fusetools.com/Discussions and Questions: **0:33** Can you give us an idea of how you got into coding and the software industry? 1:30 Go ahead and tell us about Fusetools and what you offer. 2:21 So when you say that it is a way to build Native mobile app or prototype them, does that actually compile to Native code? 3:30 So when your creating a project, can you create it with one code base then compile it to both iOS and Android? Can you use any platform you like, Angular, React, or is there some kind of platform build into fuse?  4:00 What does it take to get started with Fuse?  What do I have to do to start building apps? fusetools.com -> Get Started button.** 4:50 Do you have some sort of sketch compatibility? 5:48 Can you talk about why a designer would want to use this tool? 8:48 I am curious about integrating native SDKs, if someone wanted to build a Facebook login type, is that possible with Fuse?  9:45 Do you expose code the same way you would on a React Native project? Where you may implement the project on the Swift side, but you can call them on the Java Script side? 10:24 It look like Fuse is free now, do you guys have any plan to charge for this? What is you plan to make money? 11:10 So when are you guys going to out of beta, and what does the mean for the robustness of any of the apps you build on the platform? 12:40 What kind of developer are you guys targeting with Fuse? 14:30 Is there anything that Fuse can't do? 15:06 With such a small team, were there any challenges or pain points you encountered while building Fuse? 16:22 How many developers do you have on your team? Do you have separate teams for Android and iOS, or are they cross platform? 17:30 You mentioned that company is based in Norway, is that where most of the team is, or do some work remotely? Can you use MPM and can you tell me how that works? Can you share code across the platform? 20:00 Can you walk us through what happens when you create a Fuse project, like what files get created and where to go? What if you want to write some Objective C, where would that code go? Say you wanted you run it on the simulator, is that a command line thing? 22:40 Can you do into the technical challenges rebuilding a simulator? Who do you see as a similar platform and how are you different? 26:00 Would so say things like Appcelerator and titanium are similar to what your building? What are you excited about with what the community put together? 30:00**Do you guys have any big plan you guys are shooting for?   PicksReactive Programming with RxJS (Nader)Rust (Jake)Microsoft Word-flow Keyboard (Peter)


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