28 React Native and Auth0 with Kassandra Perch

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React Native Radio | Episode 28** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Ali Najafizadeh   **Special Guest: Kassandra Perch of Auth0**   **Discussions and Questions: **   **0:33 Kassandra how did you get into programming and working with Auth0? 1:23 So what kind of language are you going to be using with robotics? 2:10 Can you go into what Auth0 does and why people use it? 2:56 So you pretty much have an API without a lot of configuration? 3:24 After someone authenticate with Auth0, what kind of information are you handling for them?  ** 4:28 Did you mention anything about migrating, from an older technology to newer technology? 6:23 Can you go into the difference between Cookies and JWTs? 7:24 Is there any browser support issues for JWT? 8:30 Is there a fall back is JWT isn’t supported? Can you go through the Auth0 store and React Native in particular, and how you guy put that together for Android and iOS? And maybe any plan for any functionally that isn’t there yet? 11:22 How does React Native use JWTs, or does it? 12:55 I guess Lock is a way to use Auth0 to authenticate across a bunch of different platforms, use you guys use the branding Lock? 15:30 What do you really want implement in the JW Token? What is missing in the token? 17:00 What is the best uses case for Auth0? 20:33 How about phone number authentication? 21:20 I see you also offer the touch ID authentication for iOS, how does that work? 22:06**So can you tell me a little bit about OpenID Connect?**24:10 OpenID Connect was launch just a few weeks ago right? 24:20 Say I already implemented some with Auth0, and I wanted to also implement OpenID Connect, would that be something fairly easy to do? Or would there require rewriting? 25:00 So where can everyone go to learn more about this? https://openid.net 27:50 What kind of plans does Auth0 have for the future? 32:32**So when you authenticate with React Native, do you need to provide a call back there? -



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