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29 RNPM & React Native General Discussion with Mike Grabowski of

React Native Radio | Episode 29


Nader Dabit 

Peter Piekarczyk

Special Guest: Mike Grabowski of


Discussions and Questions:



Can you give us a quick run down of how you got into programming and what your are doing with you career at this current moment?


Can you tell us about Callstack, and what you guys do there?


Discussion about consulting as an programmer.


What have you learn in the transition of your company to consulting?


Do you build an app for a customer, are they coming to your specifically for React Native, or is that the picture your bring into to it. How happy are your customers with the build of the apps with React Native that are shipped by you?


What did you guys use for the media player? Is that something that is in-house or open source that your guys used?


Are there any tools or libraries that are missing or you wish you had in React Native?


What does your team consist of? Are there more JavaScript developers or Native Developers?


Can you go through the more popular open project you have out there? 


So how did you get into contributing to React Native? Could you tell us little bit about how you got started, for those who would like to start?


Can you go into how you guys decided you build RNPM, and how that process went?


So what made things easier for you as far as contributions?


So are you involve with the Facebook SDK? Yes. Cony go into this SDK and the future of this project?




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Building Applications with React, Redux, and ES6



React .026


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