30 Consulting, Freelance, and Side Projects

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React Native Radio | Episode 30** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Lee Johnson   Kevin Old   **Discussions and Questions: Consulting, Freelance, and Side Projects.  ** 0:40 Nader talks about his freelance and consulting experience.   **1:16 Peter shares his experience with consulting after leaving Trunk Club. Peter talks about starting an LLC business to protect your business. 2:16 Nader talks about the cost of an LLC license, and getting clients, and building a networking with a meet up group. 4:40 What about you guy any experience in getting and keeping clients? Peter talks about putting yourself out there, using social media. 6:00 More talk one building a local networking for your business. The importance of a networking, equity, and things to watch out for in working with people. Kevin talks about getting taken and looking at things realistically. 9:55 Nader talks about being hired as a technical cofounder. Lee talks about taking a equity share. 11:00 How do you manage your work load and pick your projects? 12:25 Nader talks about billing correctly and figuring out the scope of the project. Nader suggest treating for consulting as a job. 19:50 So Peter how do you do your billing? Is it hourly, fixed bid, or chucks of time? 26:30 Nader talks about charging a higher rate verse a low rate, and communication with your clients. Also some information on paying self employment taxes. Nader also brings up billing based blocks of time on a retainer. 31:00 Kevin talk about deliverables and timeline of projects, and having a contract or written document for work. Kevin share more information on taxes an paying self employment taxes or a Schedule C. 38:00 Nader ask about how to take payment for clients on consulting jobs. The panel discuss vaults, passwords, and charging for keeping up servers.. 53:00 Lee shares why he does not do freelancing. How did you transition in to freelancing or consulting.   Picks** NaderCheng Lou: The Spectrum of Abstraction  **The Freelancer Show https://devchat.tv/freelancers** Kevin**DiscourseRecipesPeterRecompose  **Lee** Pepperoni Resources Mentioned in This Episode**  **https://github.com/BrowserSync/recipes/tree/master/recipes/webpack.react-transform-hmr https://github.com/BrowserSync/recipes/tree/master/recipes/webpack.react-transform-hmr https://medium.com/apollo-stack/discourse-in-graphql-part-1-ee1ffd8a22df#.dtqx27hfy


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