31 React Native and Meteor with Spencer Carli

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React Native Radio | Episode 31** Panel * Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old   Special Guest: Spencer Carli Discussions and Questions:**   **0:26 Spencer can you tell us how you got into coding?  ** 1:20 Can you tell us about Differential? 2:38 What is the story with you guys and React and how you got started there? 4:14 Do you guys do both Android and iOS, or just one of them? 4:35 have you ever had any issues with these in React native? 6:42 So What type of apps are you guys building? Are they data visualization, lists app, games…? 7:40 Since you guys have been using React Native for about a year, how has the upgrade process been go for you? When hand off and app to a company, have they bee able to keep up with updates ad upgrades? 10:05 So are you a full stack developer there? 10:44 So before you started using Meteor and React Native, were you using any other backend with React Native?   **11:25 So did you run into any problems using Meteor as a backend with React Native?  ** 13:00 Are you able to use Redux, Relay, or Flux, some derivative on client side…? Is that possible with the Meteor?   **14:20 Can you talking about how yo manage the data using Redux?  ** 20:30 What if you have 4 different backend that you are communicating with, within the stack. When does all that loading happen?   **21:30 You mentioned using Mongo, are there any backend as a server that you have been using?  ** 22:14 How about authentication and authorization, how is all that implemented in your stack? 23:13 So is that kind of easy to implement is some one wanted to start a new project, and start implement authentications with meteor? 24:46 So how do you go about installing Meteor? Is it the same as installing Meteor on a React web application 29:30 Have you ever interacted with the company In Progress, as the have made contributions to open source React Native? 30:30 What is the future of Meteor and React Native? What are you working on, and what would you like to see come out that others are working on that will make your life easier? 32:30 Apollo? does that replace backend like Meteor, or is that another layer that you interact with? How does that all fit together? Will we still need things like redux? 39:19 Is there a reason to use Redux with Relay and Graph QL?   **43:14 Spencer, I see that you have done a lot of blogging on React Native? Where can people follow you? https://medium.com/@spencer_carli reactnativemeteor.com  Picks **   **Nader React Camp Kevin https://blog.krawaller.se/posts/a-react-redux-firebase-app-with-authentication/ Peter Idiomatic Redux - Dan Abramoff Spencer Book - Rich Dad, Poor Dad  ** Resources Mentioned in This Episode ** ** https://medium.com/@spencer_carli**reactnativemeteor.com


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