32 React Native Release Cycle with Mike Grabowski

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React Native Radio | Episode 32** Panel Nader Dabit Jed Watson Mike Grabowski Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest:   **Discussions and Questions: React Native release and The Facebook Team  ** 1:08 Mike can you tell us about the general release cycle?   **2:40 If there is going to be a new release, is there a person that goes through all the documents? How does that all work? 5:30 Contributors outside of Facebook? 7:55 Do you have any horror stories of a release that did not go well? 11:50 How can other people start helping you? Or what dodo have to do to become a React Native Core Developer? 15:00 Can you access any of the open sources projects, as a core contributor?  ** 18:03 The release cycle get updated every two weeks? Is that correct? What actually get put into the release? What are the requirements? 20:50 If I wanted to add a brand new feature intro the React Team, where should I start? 23:00 How do you go about the projects, in house that you are developing for your clients or your company. When a new react native release coming out, how do you go about integrating that? 34:00 Do you guys have to roll back the app, because of compatibility? 45:00 What would someone have to look into for a manual upgrade?   **Picks ** NaderZootopiaBlog Posts https://medium.com/@dabit3  AliReact Native Share ExtensionJedCode PushCloudflareMikeReact Native SVG package Next Release with MPM link Resources Mentioned in This Episode**https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/8024https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/6292https://github.com/magicismight/react-native-svghttps://blog.cloudflare.com/cf-ui/


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