33 Full Stack React Native Development Using Node.js with Azat Mardan

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React Native Radio | Episode 33** Panel Nader Dabit Kevin Old Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: Azat Mardan Discussions and Questions: **   **0:52 Can You give us some background about yourself and how you got into programming and Java Script.  ** 2:06 I know you work with Capital One. Can you tell us what you do there?  ** 4:06 Can you talk about what service side Java Script frameworks are popular right now. What frameworks would you recommend there?   **7:28 So if you believe that Loopback is the successor to Express, can you tell us alit more about it? So when you go with Loopback, is that because you have database driven development, verses using Express?  ** 11:15 So basically you can write queries to the database in one kind of language, or using one ORM syntax, and it will be able to communicate with whatever kind of database on a consistent level? 11:50 Have you heard about Loopback discovery?   **14:05 Can you going into the complexities of the Frameworks, what does it have and not have, that makes the complexities go down? 19:33 What is the loopback Discovery? 22:00 What is the point of have a specific SDK? How would that implement with a Client SDK and a backend tool like Loopback? 24:00 Why would Node be a good choice for some who wants a backend when developing in React Native?  ** 31:00 How does Capital One approach new technology like React Native? Are you guys using React Native at Capital One? 34:04 So what do you think of React Native? Have you build anything with it? 37:46 Can you talk about the new versions of Node, which versions should people use? 44:26 Does Joint still have any participation in managing the project, or is it all out of there hand now? 48:24 What is the best path if someone wants to get started creating servers side Java script and building APIs?   **Picks ** NaderPro ExpressPeak Secrets From The New Science of Expertise  **Lee React Storybook Azat Material UImaterial-ui.com PeterBackground Events in React Native  Resources Mentioned in This Episode**  https://loopback.io  **https://www.npmjs.com/package/loopback-discovery**  **


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