34 Shoutem with Viktor Marohnic, Davor Culjak, and Tomislav Tenodi

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React Native Radio | Episode 34** Panel Nader Dabit Special Guest: Shoutem Viktor Marohnic, CEO DavorCuljak Tomislav Tenodi,Technical Product Manager Discussions and Questions: **   **0:23 Can you introduce yourself? 0:47 Can you guys go over what your guys do at Shoutem and what you do with React Native? 4:06 Can you give us a quick overview of what Shoutem offers as a product? 5:30 What if I wanted to build an app with Shoutem, but wanted to get into customization? Can you get into the code and get into the customization, or is it all package and you can not get into the customization?  ** 8:20 When you guys were building this new platform for React Native did you guys have to start everything over? How difficult was it to build something this complex. What technical challenges have you encountered?   **10:40 As far as your engineering team is structured, how many people do you have working on this, and what kind of background do they have? 13:10 How much Native code you have to actually write to make this work?  ** 14:54 What do you guys think of Native Script? 16:08 What do yo guys see as far as the future of app development, and the general ecosystem as a hold, between web and different languages and frameworks. 20:46 So I guess you allow Android and iOS to be shipped through Shoutem? Is that correct? 21:36 In the future, do you guy plan to do any other platforms? Windows? RN web, RN desktop, etc. 24:00 If I go to your platform and build an app, is there a way to get it to the App Store? Or do I get the package Xcode? And what if I wanted to do an enterprise type app? 27:30 Where are your offices located? 29:00 What kind of issues and road block have you come by in bundling everything? 31:50 Can you walk me through the website if I was a customer who want to use your services or product? 36:00 What would your platform be a good use case for, and what would not be a good use case? 38:18 How difficult was it to get Authentication integrated into the platform? 41:22 What is the pricing structure and how do you make money?   **42:28 Is the current platform using React Native? What is the timeline?  ** Picks **Nader** Open Camps- Conference https://opencamps.org         Resources Mentioned in This Episodehttps://www.shoutem.com  ** **   ** **   ** **  


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