35 React Native at Futurice and Pepperoni with Jani Evakallio

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React Native Radio | Episode 35** Panel Nader Dabit Special Guest: Jani Evakallio of FuturiceDiscussions and Questions: ** ** 0:54 Jani can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming, JavaScript, and React Native? 2:37 So with Futurice, are you using React Native at your company?   **4:00 So were most of your customers existing web customers? Or are you marketing to different clients and customers base?  ** 8:18 So when you are talking to a customer about creating an app, do they know or even care in you are using React Native? Or is it base on the best tools for the project?   **10:57 As a web developer coming to React Native, how was the process for them going from web development to a mobile app development?  ** 13:47 Can you go into want problems Pepperoni solves and why you guy put it out there? 15:30 What are some of the decision that are opinionated? Can you go over a few of the opinions that you use, and feel that are good for your company? Why would people benefit from them? 17:44 What if what wanted to use your Boiler Plate, but did not want to use Immutable JS, its not really forces is it? 20:01 Have you guys had a pretty good experience implementing authentication with Auth Zero? 20:50 What exactly does Redux Loop do? 22:33 How long did it take to get this all together and put onto GitHub? 24:00 With Auth Zero, when they download Auth Zero, do they need to configure their own Auth Zero Account, with Pepperoni? 29:20 Where do you think React Native is headed, as far as adoption and growth? 31:46 How about you personally, what is in your future? 31:50 Can you walk me through the website if I was a customer who want to use your services or product? 36:00 What would your platform be a good use case for, and what would not be a good use case? 38:18 How difficult was it to get Authentication integrated into the platform? 41:22 What is the pricing structure and how do you make money? 42:28 Is the current platform using React Native? What is the timeline?   **Picks **   **Nader Elm In Action - MEAPhttps://www.manning.com/meap-program Jani Team X Technology - James Ide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zthnq-hIXA  **   ** **  ** 


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